Community Information

Community Center Office Information and Hours

The Laurel Hill Community Center office is open to assist residents:

  • Monday-Thursday – 8 AM – 5 PM
  • Friday – 8 AM – 2 PM
  • Saturday – CLOSED
  • Sunday – CLOSED

During these hours homeowners can contact the manager for general inquiries, receive copies of community forms and receive community identification cards.

Trash and Recycling Service

Trash pickup days are Tuesday and Friday, with the recycling picked up on Tuesday. Please do not place your trash out for pickup earlier than dusk the night before a scheduled removal day. It is also recommended that you place your trash in secured containers. The Association encourages using trash cans with sturdy lids versus just placing out trash bags. Republic Services is the community’s trash removal contractor. If you need a special bulk item collected, please contact the trash company directly at 703/818-8222. To get a new or replace a trash or recycle receptacle please send a request to Include your name and address with your request. We appreciate everyone’s effort in keeping Laurel Hill an attractive place to live. 

Pet Waste Regulations

Fairfax County law and community regulations require pet owners to pick up their pets’ waste. Please remember, all dog waste must be scooped up immediately and bagged in the regular trash. You may not leave it on the ground in the common area, the woods, or your yard. The Board appreciates the cooperation of many pet owners. In a community such as Laurel Hill, where the common area must be shared by many people and pets, dog waste accumulation can be very serious. You may step in it and track it into the house, creating a further health hazard. It is unsightly, and a nuisance for our grounds maintenance crews. Dog waste is the leading vector of dog-to-dog disease, and can contain microscopic eggs, leading to dangerous parasites for humans and animals. In addition, wind and rain may spread the waste into our storm-water runoff; this adds bacteria to our drinking water. For these reasons, Fairfax County has imposed a $250 fine for dog waste violations. Please review the Laurel Hill Community Association pet rules and regulations.


The Board of Directors and Management have received a number of complaints regarding the parking violations occurring within the community. Residents are reminded that parking in the fire lanes is not permitted and all vehicles parked in these areas will be subject to immediate towing at the owner’s expense. Please note that parking on sidewalks is prohibited and vehicles will be towed immediately. Vehicles parked in the common areas that do not display current license tags will also be subject to towing at the owner’s expense. Please review the Laurel Hill Community Association parking rules and regulations.

Mailbox Parts and Supplies

Please contact Main Street Mailboxes for any parts or supplies at 571-379-8454.

Lamp Posts

Please contact Commonwealth Lighting of Virginia for any issues with your lamp posts at 540-899-5576.